Cotton Crinkle Bean Bag
Cotton Crinkle Bean Bag

Cotton Crinkle Bean Bag

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Bean bag games make use of a fun and inexpensive prop for gross motor, co-ordination, balance and core body strength activities. Many children find bean bags easier to handle than a ball, and because bean bags can’t roll away, they may be less frustrating for the child struggling with coordination skills to complete the activity successfully.

These Cotton Crinkle Bean Bags are fully washable, and are a modern version of an ‘old time’ simple activity that has proven itself for many decades in homes, Kindergartens, Pre-Schools, Child Care Centres, Schools and Allied Health Therapy Sessions.  They can be used as part of a very simple activity or a much more complex, imaginative play tool for children of all ages to enjoy.

You can choose a quiet version, or one with the auditory sensory input of crinkle plastic inside.