About Sensory Matters

About Us

Sensory Matters is proudly an Australian, family owned and run business, who develop, design, locally manufacture and sell products designed to be beneficial in many areas of a child’s development as well as child and adult sensory and emotional regulation needs.

The owner of Sensory Matters, Julie Baker, is neurodivergent herself and has previously worked as an Occupational Therapist, before beginning the Sensory Matters business 15 years ago while at home raising her 3 amazing neurodivergent children. Julie’s passion of creating developmental activities, sewing and her previous experiences as an OT have combined to bring you the Sensory Matters business and unique product range. Julie is passionate about using sensory, tactile and educational activities to assist a child’s development through fun activities, and this passion can be seen in her product range as well as her frequent product presentations at a range of developmental and learning conferences, in-services and expos around Australia. She also runs Sensory Integration workshops for mainstream Early Years Educators, parents, carers and family members

We hope that you and your family, friends and those you care for enjoy the Sensory Matters products as much as we did designing and making them, and welcome any and all comments, questions and feedback you wish to share.

Julie also runs another business, Sensory Friendly Clothing (www.sensoryfriendlyclothing.com.au), and in her spare time as a Mum to a neurodiverse family (is there really such a thing as spare time?), loves catching up with friends, going for a run early in the mornings and walking her dogs Rocket and Bailey.