Welcome to Sensory Matters

Sensory Matters has a wide array of unique, locally handmade resources to benefit children and adults with special needs at home, school or their everyday environments.  Our products can provide opportunities to promote development of not only social and physical skills, but also valuable proprioceptive and kinaesthetic sensory input for the child with special needs to function to the best of their abilities throughout their busy days.

Many other areas of development can be addressed with our products, including fine & gross motor skills, imagination, turn taking, core body stability, crossing the mid line, sensory awareness, motor co-ordination and balance – and of course they get to have fun using them!

Bean Bags
Marble Maze
Fold Up Car and House Mats
Lycra Tunnels and Body Socks
Weighted Products
Alphabet Marble Maze
Aqua Ribbon Wand
Body Sock